Prayer Walking Guide

Prayer walking is “Ordinary believers stepping into the streets to pray effectively for their neighbors. With eyes wide open to real needs and with ears open to the promptings of God’s Spirit, intercession becomes an adventure” (Graham Kendrick).  It is simply praying in the very places we expect God to bring forth the answers to our prayers.  Our prayers are extending beyond our own concerns, focusing directly on the needs of our neighbors and our church. Prayer Walking is not so much about walking or being outside. It's drawing nearer to those for whom we pray, so that we can be clearer about what we are to pray.



Pray with God's Spirit

Invite the Spirit of God to accompany you, guiding your steps and your words. Be attentive during moments of silence, allowing the Holy Spirit to help you see with His eyes and pray in accordance with His heart. Ask God to redeem people as he restrains the enemy (the devil.)


Pray with God's Word

Read Scripture aloud. Take your Bible! God breathed it and loves to bless it. Express God's thoughts in your own words. Carry Scripture with you. Use a small Bible, or note cards. Choose a particular verse or theme as a base for your prayers throughout one day's Prayer Walking.


Pray with Purpose

Pray for the present-hour needs of people and places that you see. Pray quietly. You can be on the scene without making one. In confidence of God's unfolding purpose which includes your preparation prayer, try not to make conversation during your Prayer Walking but don’t be rude. Explain what you are doing to inquirers: "We're praying God's blessing. Can we/I pray for you or others?”


Pray for the People

Pray that God will work in the lives of the people you pray for.  Pray that God will give the leaders the humility and wisdom necessary for leading the church. 


Pray for the Space

You can pray that God would bless everything that goes on in the space or location you are praying for. Try praying for everything that goes on there.


Intercessory Prayer

Quite simply, intercessory prayer is the act of praying on behalf of others. The role of mediator in prayer was prevalent in the Old Testament. Christ is pictured in the New Testament as the ultimate intercessor, and because of this, all Christian prayer becomes intercession since it is offered to God through and by Christ. Jesus closed the gap between us and God when He died on the cross. Because of Jesus’ mediation, we can now intercede in prayer on behalf of other Christians or for the lost, asking God to grant their requests according to His will.




Photo by Skyler Gerald on Unsplash